• How to invest in Mutual Funds?

    Investors have to provide documentation mandated by SEBI to get Know Your Client (KYC) registration.This KYC registration can be done Online and Offline.Once the KYC is registered with the SEBI registered entities, investors can start investing in Mutual Funds.This is a one-time activity.Once KYC is registered, Investors can start investing in Mutual Funds through any of the intermediaries.

  • How do I know if my KYC registration is done?

    Investors can check this on our platform. Just initiate your registration process, and we would monitor the same at our end and inform you. If your KYC registration is done, you need not do KYC registration again, and you are ready for investments. If your KYC is not done, then you can complete the KYC registration on our platform. It is an entirely paperless process and can be done from the comfort of your home/office.

  • How can I invest in Mutual Funds through Ocean Finvest?

    Once your KYC is done, and you have registered on our platform, you can either invest in Mutual Funds either through a Lump Sum (One Time) or Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). For Lump Sum investments, you would need to transfer money from your Bank account through the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Payment gateway integrated with our platform. For SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) investments, once you have placed the order through our platform, we would be sending you a NACH mandate form. You would need to take a print out of the NACH mandate form and sign it. This allows BSE to deduct money from your bank account automatically. Our logistics partners would collect the form from your home/office and send it to your bank for registration. Once the mandate is registered (it typically takes 2-3 weeks for the Bank to register the mandate), on a specific date (you can choose the week of the month through our platform), funds would be auto debited from your account and the investment done in the mutual fund scheme of your choice.

  • What happens if I am not satisfied with Ocean Finvest service or Ocean Finvest shuts down?

    All your investments are routed to Asset Management Companies (AMCs). Once your investment is registered, the AMC will create your account, and a folio number is generated and an account statement sent to you on your email ID. You would also be receiving a confirmation on the Mobile number provided. This folio number is like an account number with your Bank. All your investments are tracked and maintained in this account by the AMC. In the event of you wanting to redeem your investment, you can contact any other Mutual Fund intermediary or the AMC directly. In the event of Ocean Finvest shutting shop, your investments will remain intact, the way they are, with the AMC and you can continue or redeem your investment as per your liking.

  • When I invest in Mutual funds through Ocean Finvest, would my mutual fund units be credited to my Demat account?

    AMC and upwardly maintain all investments done through upwardly. But they are not in a Demat account. Maintaining mutual fund units is a costly affair as you would be required to pay annual charges for the maintenance of the Demat account. In addition to the annual maintenance fees, you are also obliged to pay transaction costs for mutual fund debits and credits in the Demat account. Maintaining Mutual fund units with AMC without holding them in the demat account is an equally safe process, and we recommend the same to our customers.

  • What documents are required to register with Ocean Finvest and start investing?

    If your KYC is registered, you are only required to provide some basic details about yourself along with a copy of the Bank Cheque Leaf / Bank Statement or Cancelled Cheque and /Initials to start investing through Ocean Finvest.

    If your KYC is not registered then apart from the other details you are required to provide a copy of PAN card, copy of address proof and a Selfie video(eIPV video) to register your KYC and start investing through Ocean Finvest.

  • Why do I have to give my PAN number? Is it safe?

    As per regulatory requirements, KYC (Know Your Customer) registration is a must before any investment can be made in Mutual Funds or Stock markets.

    As PAN is mandatory to make investments in Mutual Funds and Stock Markets we need your PAN details to check if your KYC registration is complete.

    If your KYC registration is done, then you can immediately transact through the Ocean Finvest platform.

    If not, then Ocean Finvest gets your KYC registration done online through an entirely paperless process. Our process is secure, and your PAN, as well as other details, are kept secure with us. Most importantly, we are a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and are authorised to undertake your KYC verification.

  • What type of accounts does Ocean Finvest support?

    Currently, the Ocean Finvest platform only allows Individual Accounts (personal accounts) to register and transact on our platform. However, if you want to invest through a Company/HUF/Partnership/NRI (NRE/NRO) account, then please get in touch with our helpdesk at support@oceanfinvest.in

    We would help you with the KYC registration as well as set up your account on our platform, and you would be able to invest online through our platform.

  • Can I open multiple accounts? I manage my wife's investment as well. Can I do it in a single account?

    As per Regulatory requirements, each investor needs to invest in Mutual Funds through their own bank accounts. For example, if you want to invest for your wife as well, we would suggest opening a separate account for your wife. All investments and money transfers have to happen from your respective accounts.

    We have build a feature to help you view, only, all family investments in one account.

  • What is the minimum amount to invest with Ocean Finvest?

    Ocean Finvest does not impose any restrictions on the minimum investible amounts on its customers

    However, each Mutual Fund Scheme has mandated a minimum amount for One time and SIP investments. Many of the funds have minimum investible amounts as low as Rs 500 / Rs 1000 for both One time as well as SIP payments. For some funds, this amount could be Rs 5,000/ Rs 10,000.

    Ocean Finvest mentions the Minimum Amount for One time and SIP investments on the fund details page.

  • Can I change the nominee at a later stage?

    Yes, the nominee can be changed at a later stage by you for all funds purchased by you. You need to provide confirmation to us and we can change it on BSE platform for you.

  • What happens if I change my address later or relocate to a new city?

    In this digital age, this is not as important as it used to be as most of the information sent by Mutual Fund Companies and Ocean Finvest is on your registered email. All transaction alerts and the monthly/quarterly statements are sent to the email ID provided by you during registration.

    However, if you wish to change your address, the same can be done by submitting a request form and the proper address proof.

    Write to us at  support@oceanfinvest.in.in with the new address and the address proof.

    We change your address based on details provided by you and update your KYC records. All future communication (physical) will be sent to this address.

  • Why is Ocean Finvest better than a Demat Account?

    Investments in Mutual Funds can be done through Demat or without Demat Accounts (Ocean Finvest). In both scenarios, the Asset Management Companies (AMCs or Mutual Fund Companies) keep a record of your investments. Both modes are completely safe, and for both, investment and redemption (withdrawal) happen from your bank account. In our case, the payment gateway is BSE.

    Ocean Finvest is better on two fronts.

    One, there are no transaction or annual maintenance charges with your ocean finvest account. Most Demat account service providers levy these charges, and over the long-run, these costs would result in substantial reduction in your net-worth.

    Second, investing through Ocean Finvest is not just about buying Mutual funds. That is just the start. Our on-going portfolio management service ensures that you know when to sell, switch or rebalance your portfolio.

    In short, based on the goal that you've set, a portfolio of funds is created. These funds and the allocation of money within these funds change based on market conditions. Hence, what you are tied to is the monthly investment amount, not the fund.

  • Can I transfer my existing portfolio into Ocean Finvest?

    Yes, you can. If you already have invested in Mutual Funds, and want to see all your investments in one place, please email us at support@oceanfinvest.in or call us at 079 40304595.

  • Does Ocean Finvest take my money? What role does BSE have here?

    Either in the case of an investment or the case of withdrawal, your money never touches the Ocean Finvest Bank Account. We have tied up with BSE Star MF platform which is India’s biggest online platform for Mutual Fund Purchase and Withdrawals.

    All transactions processing and settlements are facilitated by the BSE Star MF platform. Money goes from your bank to BSE and then to the Mutual Fund company bypassing us both for withdrawal and investment.

    To enable this complex transaction, we create your account on BSE StarMF. It is for this reason that we take your bank statement/cancelled cheque as BSE verifies this data to establish that you own the bank account.

  • Does Ocean Finvest charge any fees when I close my account?

    No, no fees or charges are levied when you close your account.

  • Where do I track the funds I have invested in?

    Once units of a Mutual Funds are allocated to you (T+1 for debt funds, T+2, T+3 for equity funds), the same can be tracked on your Dashboard on Ocean Finvest.