Are you prepared for the unexpected expenses?

No matter how small or big emergency situation is, they can hamper your finances and bring discomfort to your lives. People generally make mistakes by considering their saving account also as an emergency fund. Emergencies create alarming situations and leave us in misery. We tend to dip into the savings done for other goals. If you will do it once, you will do it again and again whenever you need money.

Create an Emergency Bucket:

  • It’s better to have a separate fund to cater emergencies.
  • One of the best tools is to have a liquid fund. It’s a new age financial tool. Liquid fund provide flexibility to deposit or withdraw money any time and offers more return than your savings account.
  • 3-6 months of your monthly expenses should be kept in your emergency fund. You can setup automatic transfer every month to liquid fund to reach desired goal.
Expect The Unexpected & Be Prepared!!

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