Investors Awareness Programmes are conducted by experienced Team at Ocean Finvest to bring attention and educate people about the importance of Financial management and various aspects of Financial Advisory.

Topics mainly covered

  • How to choose appropriate fund for yourself?

    • Time duration
    • Volatility Measures
  • Common Mistakes when investing in Mutual Funds

    • Recognising Risk Profile
    • Invest as per Goal Plan
    • Asset Allocation
  • Retirement Planning

    • Accessing money required during retirement
    • Stages of retirement planning
  • Succession Planning

    • Need for Succession planning
    • How to create Succession plan for your portfolio
  • Tax Planning

  • More about Debt investments avenues

    • Bonds
    • Fixed Income Securities
  • The role of time in investment

  • Diversification

  • Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) - What is it and how is it beneficial?

  • The risks associated with investments

  • Understanding the concepts of risk and power of compounding

  • Fun with financial calculator 

If you are willing to be informed, we are pleased to conduct workshop for you. We also conduct workshop for Corporates/Business Enterprises/College/Residential Society or any other associations.

Benefits of the Programs

  • The program is carefully structured for audience need.

  • The program is not about maximisation but more about optimisation.

  • The program helps to understand the importance of savings and investing early.

  • The story based approach makes the finance interesting and interactive, something that is normally perceived to be technical and boring.

  • The session is created and delivered by senior people from the industry.

  • The sessions are free of charge and do not involve any product or scheme sales.

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Note: Content is customised according to requirement of participant and durations are flexible according to availability and content selected. Or provide details below, we will connect you shortly