Investing money for Less than 1 Month. Twice the returns than Bank Savings Account Lowest risk funds

Investments recommended forĀ < 1 Mo

Recommended funds in this Portfolio

FUND NAME 1st Year RETURN 3rd Year AMOUNT 5th Year AMOUNT Allocation Amount
Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Super Ins Growth
L&T Floating Rate Fund Growth
Kotak Low Duration Fund Std Growth
*Estimation is based on historical return of the funds and done to facilitate informed decision making for investors. Actual results may vary. Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk. Please read the respective offer documents carefully before investing.
*Savings account can attract a tax rate as high as 30% depending on your personal tax rate. Debt Mutual Funds have lesser than 5% tax if held for more than three years and same tax as FDs if held for less than 3 years Arbitrage funds have zero tax