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Financial Planning

Financial planning is the method of achieving your life goals via effective financial management. Life targets might include purchasing a home, preparing for your child's college tuition, and planning for the future. The Financial Planning Process consists of six phases that will assist you in taking a "big overview" glance at where you are now.

Using all these six phases, you can determine; where you are now, what you may require in the long run, and what you should do to accomplish your goals. Gathering pertinent financial information, creating life objectives, assessing your existing financial condition, and developing a strategy or plan for meeting your goals given your present circumstances and future plans are all part of the process.

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Wealth Management

Joining us offers you the guidance and support to accomplish what you are best at, while simultaneously providing us with the chance to do what we have been best at. We encourage you to get on with what you're supposed to do, and the rest is up to us.

Money management can have a wide range of goals, such as increasing wealth, keeping or safeguarding it, or managing it for the future generation. You select what you want to do with your wealth, and we handle the procedure and administration.

We will jointly decide on a strategy to handle your wealth by implementing a solution for risk management, investment management, tax management, and wealth transmission management.

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The Management Of Ocean Finvest Have Enormous Experience Of 14-15
Years In Financial Advisory Segment.

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  • Bank
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  • Ocean Finvest

● Bank savings, FD and sensex returns are based on annualized return given in last 10 years.

● Ocean Finvest return is based on last 10 years market data.

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