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We are an industry leader in delivering integrated solutions for fund accounting, transaction agency, investor services, and client reporting for various alternative funds in India throughout the world. We bring together technology and services, as well as data aggregation and analytics, all under one roof.

We handle your sophisticated alternative strategies using our streamlined fund accounting systems, which are layered with comprehensive security measures to secure client data.

Why Should Your AIF Be Handled by Us

Higher Return Potential

Alternative investments offer significant returns in comparison to other traditional investments.

Passive Income

AIFs can be a good source of passive income for investors.

Blending investment universe

The pooling of funds is the essence of this kind of investment model.

Tax Benefits

Alternative investments can also provide compelling tax benefits.

Minimize Risk

Implementation of risk management policies and procedure

Intelligent Leverage

The overall level of leverage employed by such AIF.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AIF?

Any fund founded or integrated in India that is a privately pooled investment vehicle that collects funds from sophisticated investors, whether Indian or abroad, for investing in accordance with a defined investment strategy for the benefit of its investors is referred to as an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF).

What are the types of AIF are?

The AIF Regulations now distinguish three types of funds: Category I Alternative Investment Fund, Category II Alternative Investment Fund, and Category III Alternative Investment Fund.

Can NRI & foreign investors invest in PMS?

Yes, it is acceptable for investment from NRIs and foreign investors in accordance with the existing FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) laws outlined in the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).

Is AIF risk-free

Alternative investments are more difficult to understand than standard investment vehicles. They frequently have greater costs attached to them. As with any investment, the possibility of a bigger return implies higher risk.

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