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Who We Are

For the last seven years, we have been assisting in wealth management and financial services, managing the portfolios of families, investors, and enterprises. Our core audiences are in the form of HNI individuals, institutional investors, enterprises, trusts, foundations, and celebrities.

We are a group of financial specialists; dedicated to providing exceptional and customized service. We strive for the overall organizational goals of ethics, honesty, respect, and excellence.

We've been a pioneer in wealth management and financial services, as well as managing the portfolios of families and investors, &we're planning to expand our offerings. Our target market consists of HNI/Ultra HNI clients and commercial enterprises with total assets of over 563 crores.

Apart from India, we have clients all around the world. Our feet are currently landed in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Dubai, and the United States.

With five offices across Western India, including the Head Office in Ahmedabad, Ocean Finvest is regarded as one of Gujarat's finest and most reputable financial advisory firms.

Our Target

Our target at Ocean Finvest is straightforward: delivering specific investment and insurance advice that is intended to reduce our customers' financial anxieties while increasing their confidence.

We recognize that each customer has distinct demands and objectives. Our mission is to assist you in making wise-decisions concerning your money and your future.

Investing Begins with a Strategy

One of the most important aspects of any effective advising relationship fully depends on who you are as a person. As a result, we concentrate on what is most valuable to you, both personally and financially.

We consider all important areas of your financial life, such as your individual beliefs and goals, as well as your time perspective, income and liquidity requirements, and risk tolerance. We’ll work together & find the way of financial success and transform it into winning outcomes.

Promising Core Values

1. Ease of Use: You can monitor your portfolio details anytime, anywhere with Ocean Finvest.

2. Fund selection process is very reliable, which contains extensive market study and deep analysis with tax implications.

Act Right

We’ll do what is right for you, we prioritize your financial well-being over ours. In every facet of financial management, we hold a significant value on honesty and integrity.

Client 1st

We are dedicated and devoted to providing consistent and quality service at the highest level. We promise to treat you with dignity, respect, and civility; to listen to your requirements.

Exceptional Solutions

We are always evolving, whether it is via the creation of products, the development of solutions, or the advancement of our own business. We use our inventive spirit, knowledge, and creativity to make a significant difference and add value for clients.


Our dedication is unwavering. We work with great zeal, selflessness, and commitment. We are inspired by the idea of creating something unique.

Analyst Ratings: Five Pillar Framework

Our five pillar research framework reinforces a consistent, long term investment process and gives investors/ advisors/gatekeepers/consultants the resources they need to provide justified recommendations that are well suited to clientneeds.

We consider all of analysts, traders, and other managers who contribute to the process them when rating people. We think about what advantages they have over their peers along the lines of expertise, experience, and demonstrated skill. We will also look at how other funds at the family have done to assess firm wide expertise. We follow analyst movements at the firm so we know how experienced they are and whether there’s turmoil or stability in the ranks.

There’s an enormous variety of fund strategies even within a category, and we drill down to really understand the differences. Competitive advantages are a key way to look at it. Is the manager doing something that anyone can do or are they doing things that are hard to replicate? Is the strategy a proven one or a new, untested formula? Firms with resources and proven track record give us confidence in fund house.

When you invest for the long haul, you realize just how important the company behind the fund is. We look at manager turnover at the firm, the investment culture, and quality of research, ethics, directors, SEC sanctions, and more. If you hold a fund for 15 years, you want stable management that will be there the whole way through. And also whether they have been able to retain parent and get new talent as well.

When we talk about performance only one things comes to mind is only return, if return is good the fund is good and if return is bad the fund is bad, but that is not how we look at the fund we spend time trying to understand why a fund performed a certain way and link the performance back to its root cause: the strategy and holdings. We care about how a fund has performed in different market environments, its risk profile, and consistency of returns over time.

We look at a fund’s expenses relative to its peer group and its sales channel. We also take into context its asset size and in some cases its trading costs if they are particularly high or low. It’s also important to consider a fund’s costs in light of its strategy. In this we evaluate expense ratio, if all four pillar are same for two securities and expenses ratio of one security is high and expense ratio of other is low then we always go for security with low expenses ratio.

Three-pronged marketing strategy

Let’s look at the three strategies which have helped us acquire clients.


Besides referrals, we also gets clients from Tellecalling. While this marketing tool sounds out-dated in the era of social media and technology, “ We at ocean finvest have a well-qualified team having MBA qualifications who do this job. They don’t talk about products and are not pushy. Rather, they talk about the services offered by our company and how we can help them reach their financial goals,” . Apart from salary, we offers incentives and profit-sharing to our team if the branch breaks even.

Branch offices

We have been expanding practice by adding branch offices. We identify the city which offers the maximum business opportunity. One of the key parameters we look at while identifying cities is the bank deposit saving rate. Higher the saving rate, bigger the opportunity to transition people towards mutual funds. To make further inroads into HNI segment, expanding the physical reach is our focus area. “Retail book can be expanded through technology but HNI need the touch and feel. So having branch office is essential to tap into this market, the break-even time for a branch depends on the city and the cost.

Currently Ocean Finvest are having its Branches at Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Himatnagar, Mumbai, Rajkot, Surendranagar, Surat , Bhopal , Pune .

Digital Marketing

We are using social media platforms like Quora, Blogs LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and search engine optimization actively to increase firm’s visibility. We have dedicated team which continuously generates new ideas to drive this activity.

Our business has grown by leaps and bounds by deploying these three strategies. Today, we have a team of extremely talented professionals across nine locations - Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Valsad and Mumbai, Bhopal, Pune. We get a lot of leads from social media marketing.

Awards & Recognition

Who is behind OCEAN FINVEST?

Ocean Finvest is led by a dynamic team of Financial & Wealth Management experts.

Total Work Exp: 19 Years +

  • Graduate from Gujarat University - Bachelor of Commerce
  • Worked with ICICI Securities Ltd.


Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Total Work Exp: 4 Years +

  • Graduate from Gujarat University - Bachelor of Commerce
  • Worked with ICICI Securities Ltd.


Business Partner

Total Work Exp: 7 Years +

  • Graduate from Gujarat University - Bachelor of Commerce
  • Worked with ICICI Securities Ltd.


Business Partner

Total Work Exp: 8.5 Years +

  • MBA in Finance
  • Work Experience with SBI MF, ICICI Prudential MF, Aditya Birla Sunlife MF.


Business Partner

Anshika Thakur

Business Partner

Total Work Exp: 5 Years +

  • Graduate from H.L. Institute of Commerce, Ahmedabad University - Bachelor of Commerce
  • Certified as Chartered Accountant from ICAI Articleship training at Talati & Talati CA Firm, Pankaj R Shah & Co.


Business Partner

Technological Ease

We have built all technological and service capabilities to help our investors to have a seamless experience. For instance, we have mobile app, a website with chat facility and a client service support team. All of his transactions happen online through BSE Star MF platform. He has been one of the top volume contributors on BSE STAR MF.

Road Ahead

Our firm Ocean Finvest serves 3000+ clients which includes both families , trust , foundation and corporate . We have ambitious plans. We aims to have 100 POS by 2025 entirely self-funded which covers 85+ geographical, areas. We are also is planning to add more branches in existing cities where he has offices which are providing high volume and is looking for newer cities. These branches will help him expand his HNI client base.

Our firm also has a healthy book of Rs 180 crore in alternate funds and PMS and 1000 crore of fixed income which includes Bonds, Debenture and more. Having gained expertise in advising third party products, Samir wishes to become a manufacturer. In the next five years, he plans to apply for a PMS license. For this, he is building his firm’s intellectual capital.