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Portfolio Management Service, or PMS, is a professional service in which competent portfolio managers, supported by a research team, manage stock portfolios on behalf of customers rather than clients managing their own.

Our thorough study assists our valued clients in selecting from a vast range of PMS Strategies provided by various AMCs. Add to it our well-trained associates who assist you in determining your financial objectives and suggest the best match.

Why We/Ocean Finvest Should Manage Your Portfolio

Professional Oversight

Achieve the goal of effective performance while minimizing the risk with our experts.

Fee Arrangement

Our pool of experts will support you in arranging funds.

Effortless operation

Get customized service from the portfolio manager.

Solely Independent

Investor's actions do not affect the investments of other investors.

Investment Strategy

Get the benefit of our investment strategy that never dispirits you.

Track The Record

We offer real-time access to your portfolio values, holdings, expenses, etc.

All The Results Are Transparent Nothing Hidden

Any Investment Types That You Like.

  • Personal Income
  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Reports
  • Credit Score
  • Secured account
  • Planning Process
  • Easy Withdrawal
  • Super Growth

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PMS?

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) provides professional investment management to customers with the goal of delivering risk-adjusted returns.

Can NRI invest in PMS?

Yes, NRIs with NRE or NRO accounts can invest in PMS. NRE refers to an account in India where NRIs can store their overseas earnings, whilst NRO refers to an account in India where a person can manage their income earned in India.

What is the minimum and maximum limit for investing in Portfolio Management Services?

The portfolio we offer has a minimum ticket size of Rs. 50 lakhs. There is no limitation to how much money you can invest.

Does PMS carry risk?

Yes. All investments have some level of risk, including the possibility of principal loss, which varies based on the securities chosen.

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