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One should only earn money or also invest idle money to create Wealth?

It's fascinating to see how people creating wealth through investments and it seems really simple to do so. Indeed it's SIMPLE NOT EASY. Our natural tendency of looking for patterns, comparing things or seeking safest options are some of the biggest hindrances in wealth creation.

Stop chasing the best as it keeps changing, focus on what matters & make things happen! Money, IQ or markets don't define your Investing Success; it’s only you who defines it!!

Let the money work for you!! Being Rich is temporary, Being Wealthy is permanent!!
To create wealth sends your money on vacation.

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Wealth gets created in the long run. Once we invest "ALL WE THINK ABOUT IS MONEY"!! Why it is not performing... How to multiply it... Would I lose it all....? Is it safe or not... And no matter how hard we try to find answers to these questions, all we get is lots of sleepless nights. Profit making and wealth creation are poles apart. Wealth is not created in minutes or months or in a year or two, it takes a decade or two.

Key to Wealth Creation:

  • Start Saving
  • Stay Simple
  • Think Long
  • Be regular
  • Stay Focussed




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