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It’s about Spending Choice, are you over spending every month?

You would never have enough to save.

You often want to have most of the things today and want to live at fullest without keeping money for tomorrow aside. Just take a moment to see what you have been spending on and you may find that most of it isn’t important.

Our wish list can be endless. It’s difficult to hold back something you want when you know you can afford it. But what you want is not a part of your spending plan. Try Golden Rule of 21 – postpone your purchase for 21 days and after 21 days observe do you still have desire to have it. If yes, then you need it else don’t!

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Take small steps but be regular!!

Plan to save: Little things on daily basis can make big difference on long term. Saving and spending with plan make you avoid needless spending.

Have a Budget.

When you have budget, you can take a small steps and can start SIP. Investing can help you to have secure future and to live the life which you have thought of.

Budget is not a plan to save; it’s a plan to spend!!

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