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Have you ever given a thought how you will manage your living, when your pay checks stop coming or when you no longer want to work?

Answer is Plan for Retirement

Retirement is a state of mind of being financially free. Planning for retirement is all about savings and withdrawal with discipline. It’s about making money that lasts for lifetime.

Planning At young age or Parenting Age:

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Retirement Planning - seems like a crazy thing at this age. And with the increasing expenses in life it’s difficult to save for goal which is too far. It may or may not be part of your to-do-list.

Time is the biggest advantage you have got here. With this long time span to save and invest, the power of compounding would do wonders.

Little and regular savings in equity fund is all you need to have a Happy retirement.

Life will always get in the way, but you got to save today to spend tomorrow too!!

Years just before Retirement:

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Starting retirement planning at this age may require considerable changes in one's lifestyle, but they would be less troublesome than changes that one might be required to make after 10-15 years.

For those who have already begun it's important to assess where have you reached and would this work considering your current lifestyle. However, some big financial responsibilities (kid’s education and their wedding) will also be knocking at your door. Don't put your retirement at stake to pay for kid's college or their wedding or other goals. As it's you who will have to pay for your retirement, disciplined and balanced savings in diversified equity funds and debt funds is the way ahead. Don't be too defensive as retirement planning is not about planning till 60 but it's about planning "till you live".




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