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Kids Future Planning

Can you leave planning for your Kid future on circumstances of what they decide to become tomorrow?

Be aggressive-Be Disciplined.
Plan ahead and take the right steps:

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As kids grow you don’t know whether your child would want to be an artist or an engineer or a doctor or an astronaut and so on. To help kid to achieve dreams, every parent should plan for their future at earliest.

The biggest mistake that people do is that they plan considering how much it would cost today. But it's not about today; it's about tomorrow. Associated costs such as gadgets, hostel, books and monthly maintenance etc. are usually ignored while planning. The sooner you start, the more equipped you will be. But when you start, it's important to start the right way.

Small and disciplined savings in diversified equity fund would be recommended. Kids are growing fast, Education Costs are growing faster. Let the power of compounding beat the biggest enemy of your kid’s dreams - The Inflation.




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