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Mutual Fund Services (MF) provides a wide range of innovative operational and information services to simplify, standardize, and consolidate procedures in order to improve efficiencies and minimize risk and cost in the mutual fund sector.

MF solutions facilitate commercial interactions between asset managers and their distributors, connecting a broad network of fund companies, investment managers, broker/dealers, banks, trusts, and other financial services organizations that sell fund investments to the market.

Whatever your investment needs are, we have a fund for you. Choose from a variety of equity or debt funds for the long or short term. We have a fund for each and every demand.

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Beat Inflation

Mutual funds can help you combat inflation in a number of ways.

Expert Managers

They help you get funds from multiple sources and use strategies to invest in the best assets.


The investment process is completely Paperless & hassle-free.

Low Cost

Mutual funds encourage you to start small savings through SIPs.


With a mutual fund, sales & purchases can be ease

Safer & Transparency

Our service is supported by the governing body (SEBI) for mutual funds.

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  • Super Growth

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mutual fund?

A mutual fund is a firm that collects money from several investors and invests it in securities such as stocks, bonds, and short-term loans. The mutual fund's portfolio is made up of all of its holdings.

Are returns guaranteed in a mutual fund?

The value of these market-linked securities might rise or fall in response to different macro and microeconomic factors, that’s why mutual funds offer no guarantee of return.

How many types of mutual funds are there?

There are eight popular types of mutual funds in India are equity funds, debt funds, money market funds, index funds, balanced funds, income funds, funds of funds & specialty funds.

Why I should invest in a mutual fund?

Mutual funds are a suitable investment option for a retail investor who does not have the time or competence to evaluate and invest in equities and bonds.

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