Recurring Deposit Calculator - Calculate post tax returns on RD investment

Use this Recurring Deposit (RD) calculator to find out the Interest and Maturity you would earn through a Recurring Deposit offered by Indian Banks and Post Office. Learn also about the best and highest RD interest rates across Indian banks and financial institutions. Did you know that the returns on Recurring Deposits are taxable and that most banks levy up to 2% on premature withdrawal of RDs? As a result, most people make between 3.5-5% returns on their bank's RD investment.Recurring Deposits are just another form of Fixed Deposits (FD) with a monthly deposit to the account in place of a one time investment.

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*Estimation is based on historical return of the funds and done to facilitate informed decision making for investors. Actual results may vary. Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk. Please read the respective offer documents carefully before investing.

What is an RD calculator?

The RD Calculator is used to figure out how much money you'll get when your RD matures. To calculate the amount, you can use the RD Calculator provided by numerous banks or a simple formula. Using the RD Calculator can help you to achieve the results quickly and with minimal effort. The interest earned on an RD account is compounded on a quarterly basis.

How does the RD calculator work?

The interest on recurring deposits is typically compounded quarterly. Institutions use the following calculation to determine how much the interest component of a recurring deposit will be at maturity: The following is a step-by-step guide on using the online RD Calculator.

Enter the monthly deposit amount and the term of your RD investment. The rate of interest will be presented if you use the RD Calculator provided by banks. If you use a third-party website's RD Calculator, you must specify the interest rate.

Why use the RD calculator?